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Shovels for sale

For a job well done, you need the right tools. A high-quality garden shovel or concrete shovel is just what you need to help you get the job done.

Each shovel has a variety of features that upgrade these shovels from the standard. There is a D grip handle for increased manoeuvrability and leverage.

They are also the perfect length and have decent sized shovel heads. The all-steel welded construction provides strength and durability through all of your projects, this is especially important if you are using it as a concrete shovel.

Then you have a choice of choosing shovels with a cushioning rubber grip that gives comfort and traction. That way, you can get the greatest amount of use out of your shovel.

The bright blue or sleek white high-visibility powder coating not only looks beautiful but will protect from corrosion. Plus you’ll never have to worry about losing them since they are such a noticeably unique colour.

Here are the features:

– All Steel Welded Construction

– Head Size: 250 x 300mm

– Lengths: 1,200mm, 1220mm, 1040mm

Add a high-quality garden shovel or concrete shovel to your tools and get to work today.

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