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PPE for Sale Australia (Personal Protective Equipment)

Did you know that Australia has a wide market of Personal Protective Equipment because of the Australian laws and rules within the workplace. It is in your best interest to make sure that you have the right protective clothing to ensure that you and your team are safe. We have a variety of PPE for sale such as hazmat suits, face masks, gloves, and hard hats.

Why is PPE important in the workplace?

Personal Protective Equipment or more commonly PPE or Protective clothing is equipment designed to protect you and your employees body from injury or infection.

It provides this protection by reducing the exposure of people to hazards.

It is not always fashionable or the most comfortable wear but it’s definitely the better option than getting hurt or sick.

When is PPE used?        

When buying PPE, people often think that this is the main thing that is going to protect them. If you are thinking this is the case, then you are approaching it all wrong.

You all know the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ and this is extremely relevant when it comes to personal safety.

You are suppose to use personal protective equipment to supplement higher-level control measures in the order outlined by the 5 heirarchy of controls.

What are the 5 hierarchy of controls?

The hierarchy of controls is a widely accepted five step system for controlling occupational risks in the workplace. They are listed in order of importance:

  1. Elimination: Remove the hazard
  2. Substitution: Replace the hazard with a less hazardous solution
  3. Engineering controls: Isolate people from the hazard
  4. Administrative controls: Change the processes to reduce the risk
  5. Personal protective equipment: Provide safety clothing to protect them in the event of a hazard.

What are Some Employer Responsibilities Around  PPE?

  1. It’s the organisation’s responsibility to provide the workers with protective equipment.
  2. When PPE is used to minimise risk to health and safety it is needed to ensure that the equipment is suitable for the nature of work or not.
  3. It should be of a suitable size for the individual who is going to use it and it should be comfortable as well.
  4. The equipment should be in good working order, clean and hygienic.
  5. The workers, who are going to use the equipment, must be trained well, and they should have all the information about its maintenance and the correct usage.

What are Employee Responsibilities of Using Protective Clothing?

A worker who is supposed to perform his duties using PPE must follow three things.

1. use the PPE correctly and keep it clean and safe.

2. inform the organization in case of any damage to the equipment.

3. do not intentionally misuse the equipment.

Is PPE Only Restricted to Healthcare Professionals?

An important fact is that PPE is not only restricted to healthcare professionals and in Australia, but its major market also is not even the health sector.

Which Industries Use Personal Protective Equipment in Australia?

The organisations that regularly buy protective equipment in Australia are construction, mining, meat processing, iron smelting, steel making, transport, cleaning, emergency services, agriculture, warehousing, and logistics, sportsmen, military and the list goes on.

Are There any Safety Duties of Using Protective Equipment?

However, when Personal Protective Equipment is used it must follow some guidelines or protective measures directed by the Australian government or WHS. There are penalties as well in case of any violations of the rules. So make sure, you use it properly.

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