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Rapid Antigen Tests For Sale

Rapid Antigen Tests are used to diagnose people quickly for Covid-19. Each of these tests is able to detect the presence of Covid-19 after being administered.

Before developing these rapid tests, microbiologists would have to culture samples for several days to get results. While this was not problematic when examining bacterial infections, it became difficult when assessing patients with viral diseases.

Specific proteins on the coronavirus’s surface are detected by antigen tests. They are sometimes referred to as rapid diagnostic testing because test results might be obtained in less than an hour.

What are Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)?

Rapid antigens tests for Covid-19 involve placing a sample of saliva or nasal mucus onto strips that contain antigens to certain viruses. If these antigens attach themselves to viral particles in the saliva or mucus, then they will change color after about 30 minutes. Rapid antigen Covid-19 tests are designed to produce results in around 20 minutes.

A rapid antigen test, often known as a rapid antigen detection test, a fast antigen test, or simply a quick test, is a fast diagnostic test that detects the presence or absence of an antigen at the point of care.

How Is Rapid Antigen Test Done?

Rapid antigen tests can be used on various bodily fluids. These include saliva, blood plasma, urine, sweat/lubrication fluid from the eyes or nose.

To conduct a rapid antigen test, a sterile swab is inserted into the patient’s nostril to the surface of the posterior nasopharynx. The swab is rotated three to four times before being removed from the nasal cavity.

Rapid Antigen Test Accuracy

Rapid antigen tests are accurate at detecting common pathogens like viral and bacterial infections. This diagnostic tool may lead to false-positive results if the patient has recently received a vaccine against the pathogen in question or has taken antiviral medication after exposure to the virus. False-negative results may also occur if the patient’s immune system is weakened due to malnutrition, other illnesses, or other causes.

The result of a rapid antigen test should always be confirmed using other methods such as laboratory tests before making clinical decisions on treatment. This is because false-positive and false-negative results can have serious consequences if the wrong treatment is given.

Rapid antigen tests are now an essential part of the operation of your workforce. They can be used to screen your customers and staff to ensure your environment remains safe.

Rapid Antigen Tests For Sale

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