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Dust Mask for Sale

Here at CDBS Construction and Garden we have a range of disposable dust masks for sale to suit a range of applications.

When choosing a dust mask, it is wise to ensure that you choose the correct respirator for your job on hand.

Dust masks protect you from breathing in a variety of hazardous  airborne particles. The higher the grade of mask, the better the protection is against microscopic airborne particles and gases.

Dust masks are vital for a range of industries:

– construction,

– agricultural,

– pharmaceutical and medical mask

– and even for your DIY projects at home.

P1 Dust Mask protection

The “P” when describing a masks refers to “Particulate Filter” and there are a number of grades. P1 is the entry level grade of protection, against solid and liquid particles including micro-organisms.

P1 rated respirators generally protect against 80% of particles smaller than 2 micrometres.

P1 Masks are an essential bit of safety gear to have in the back of your ute. Generally they protect you from mechanically generated dust, so are great to have on hand when cutting wood, or using a garden blower around the yard.

Generally they are suitable for

– against low levels of dust.

– solid and liquid aerosols.

– use when hand sanding, drilling, and cutting.

Use a P2 or P3 filter where the air contaminants are produced by a hot process for example soldering.

If you are looking for protection from odours and smoke, a higher grade of dust mask is required.

Valve or no Valve

This is really a personal preference as it is based on comfort rather than protection. A valved dust mask is more breathable, allowing moisture to escape from within the mask. A non-valved dust mask provides the same amount of protection, but might be less comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

These look like a surgical mask or medical mask that dentists often wear, but with the added P1 filtration protection.

P1 Safety Mask for Sale

We have P1 safety dust masks in stock and deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and around Canberra. In fact we deliver Australia wide, through our trusted courier network.

We provide delivery at $13.99 for any orders under $200. For any orders over $200 your cart will get automatically update to free delivery.

Need a higher grade mask?

We also have a wide range of particulate filter dust masks for sale. The next level up are P2 particulate masks which you can browse here

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