Hazmat Suit

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Disposable SMS Hazmat Suit for Sale

Get full-body protection when working with dust, chemicals and contaminants by wearing one of our hazmat suits for sale.  You can view our biohazard suit range above.

A hazmat suit is also know and as hazardous materials suit or a safety coverall. It is a whole body covering PPE, worn as protection from dust, chemicals and contaminants.

Who needs Hazmat Suits?

Hazmat suits are used by painters and general construction workers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, researchers, personnel responding to toxic spills, specialists cleaning up contaminated facilities, and workers in toxic environments.

Where to buy a Hazmat Suit

We are here in Canberra and sell disposable hazmat suits Australia wide online through our online store. We have a great range in stock. If you are looking to buy a disposable hazmat suit, we have these in stock. We are able to deliver across Australia. These are also known as safety jumpsuits, or safety coveralls.

Fitting a hazmat safety coverall

A hazmat suit does not replace your clothing but is worn over the top. first you need to put on all your other PPE such as gloves, and face masks. The last thing you put on is your disposable safety jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is worn on the outside of normal clothing, before gloves, sleeves,

Taking a Hazmat Coverall off

When removing your safety hazmat suit, you need to make sure you do it very carefully. Do not touch the outside (as this is the contaminated part) as it will compromises your protection if you do.

Delivery to Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and around Australia

If you are wondering where to buy disposable hazmat coveralls, we deliver these across Australia. Delivery is only $13.99 for orders under $200. If you buy any orders over $200, delivery is free.