Clear Glasses and Safety Goggles

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Protective Eyewear for Sale

Many eye injuries are preventable if you use appropriate safety eye protection. You should wear safety eyewear because they are your best defence against eye injuries.

Protective glasses can do more than just prevent injuries. They can also protect you against UV rays and other particles that can cause both short-term irritation and long-term vision impairment.

Depending on the hazards in your workplace, there are a number of types of protective eyewear. If you are working in an area with airborne particles, flying objects or dust, you probably are looking for safety glasses.

If you are working with chemicals, you must wear goggles.

Clear Glasses

There are times that you need eyesight protection and you are indoors. Well, it would be a bit impractical to walk around with sunglasses and dark lenses indoors. That’s where clear safety glasses and safety goggles come in.

Our clear safety glasses are a close wrap around design, providing a slim line protection against airborne particles and medium impact.

Safety Goggles

If you require the next step up of protection where you get a complete seal. Our clear safety goggles provide and airtight fit around your eyes.

Safety Goggles are dust tight and have a polycarbonate lens to reduce exposure to eye hazards. They are suitable for construction applications like grinding and sawing, school experiments, factory work, mines, cycling, shooting and medical settings.

They come with an antiperspirant strip for comfort and protection against sweat. The rubber seal is designed to create a firm fit and also have the added protection of buffering any impact.

The indirect vent design prevents the build up of fog within the goggles, while also protecting you from any chemical or liquid.

These goggles fit nicely over the top of prescription glasses for people who need to wear both.

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