Powder Free Natural Latex Gloves, Size: Large- 100pc box


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Powder Free Natural Latex Gloves – 100pc box

Note: Due to recent demand from local emergencies and concern over the coronavirus, we only have L size left.

When buying disposable gloves, for around the home or worksite, there are many different options available to suit different needs. Natural latex powder free gloves are the preferred disposable glove for many, as they are renown for being the most comfortable, flexible with the best fit retaining tactile sensitivity. This is why they are the preferred options as medical gloves for many health practitioners such as dentists, surgeons and doctors.

What are disposable gloves used for?

While latex examination gloves are usually found in your health practitioners office, you don’t need to be a medical professional to benefit from natural latex gloves. Child care centres often use latex examination gloves during periods of illness within their child care centres. Cleaners often use such disposable gloves for cleaning jobs that may transmit bacteria and viruses, while using standard reusable rubber gloves for other cleaning tasks.

One thing that can annoy people with the medical gloves is the type that are powdered. If you are in the food preparation business, single-use gloves have become a symbol of food safety. But the powder residue can come off into the food.

Benefit of Powder Free Latex Gloves

Powder free gloves generally contain less chemicals and proteins.  This helps people with a susceptibility for skin dermatitis and for those people who do not completely wash their hands between glove changes.

Powder free examination gloves are therefore a great choice for those who need the benefit of disposable gloves but can not use the powdered type.


– Contains latex

– Powder Free

– For single use

– Ambidextrous

– Non Sterile

– Stockcode: BZ314