Industrial Diesel Fan Forced Heater 20kW


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Industrial Diesel Fan Forced Heater 20kW

The Fanmaster IDH2-20 warehouse heaters are reliable industrial diesel fan forced heaters.

Compact but powerful, this 20kW diesel fan forced heater is a handy item to have throughout a cold winter.

The come equipped with an adjustable temperature control, fuel gauge for easy identification of fuel levels. Safety features such as fuel cut-off and electrical cut off protection They have a rugged stainless steel body, powder coated hood/ fuel tank. Comes with sturdy wheels for easy portability around the room.

Ideally suited for warming warehouses and large workshop areas, building applications and drying applications.

Specifications of the Fanmaster IDH220 heater:

– Output: 20kw (68,240 BTU)

– Tank Size: 19L

– Fuel Consumption: 1.7 L/H

– Working Time: 10 Hours

– Heating Area: up to 200m²

– Weight: 19kg

– Cable Length: 1.3m

– Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz with 3 Pin 10A Plug

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