Diesel Radiant Heater 20kW

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Diesel Radiant Heater 20kW

These radiant fired diesel heaters from Fanmaster combine quiet operation and a unique design to create a user friendly portable diesel heater. The revolutionary technology used in these products uses radiant heat and operates much quieter than traditional forced air heaters. Unlike a fan forced heater with large noisy fans, these radiant heaters come with a small fan that gently pushes the hot air away from the radiant heat panel and into other parts of the workshop or jobsite. Compared to a traditional fan forced machine, this heater is considered a silent unit.

One of the key benefits of the HDR20 diesel radiant heaters is its ability to produce an odourless heat using kerosene or diesel as the fuel. It is a fuel efficient radiant heater running at only 1.7L per hour. With a 10.5L fuel tank, that provides over 6 hours of operation.

Infrared heat from this radiant fired heater operates like the sun. The heat is projected forward heating all objects in its line of sight and creates a more comfortable, quiet environment. This means you can feel the heat before the room temperature rises. Radiant heat is affected less by draughts and other environmental factors which makes it the best option for outdoor or workshop heating.

Easy to move and operate, these heaters come equipped with a ceramic fibre combustion chamber ensuring a longer life for the product.

This multi-fuel heater can operate using diesel or kerosene fuel. The use of kerosene can create an even cleaner burn.

Ideally suited for warming warehouses and large workshop areas, building applications and drying applications.

As you can see in the image below, on the left is conventional fan forced heater. As a fan forced heater is heating the air, a lot of the heat rises. On the right you can see a radiant heater, where due to the metal plate the heat remains in the area where the heater is directed.

Specifications of the HDR20 Radiant Diesel Heater:

The HDR20 comes with an adjustable temperature control, fuel gauge for easily monitoring of fuel levels, cut off protection and time delay functionality.

Output: 20kw (68,240 BTU)

Fuel Consumption: 1.7 L/H

Working Time: 6 Hours

Weight: 21kg

Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz with 3 Pin 10A Plug

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