26dB Class 5 Helmet Earmuffs – Maxisafe


The Helmet Earmuffs from Maxisafe are great if you need some hearing protection that doesn’t get in the way of protecting your head. These high quality ear muffs are designed to attach to your Maxisafe visor holder, so they are suited for any hard hat which has accessory slots of 30 mm. Protect your ears and stay safe!

Helmet Earmuffs Canberra

Did you know that the Maxisafe earmuffs have an SLC80 rating of 26dB? They also have a class 5 rating – this is the highest level of hearing protection offered by AS/NZS 1270:1999 standards. So, when you’re using Maxisafe’s Helmet Earmuffs, you always know you have a quality piece of hearing protection that will do right by you.

Because of the unique Elastex which makes up the ear cushions, sweat is reduced. This keeps you a bit cooler while on the job, and also makes it easier to use the earmuffs for extended periods. Maxisafe has designed their ear muffs to allow for 3 different positions depending on your needs – a working position, a resting position for breaks, and an airing position if you need to cool off some more.

Specs for the Maxisafe Helmet Earmuffs

  • Protection Class: 5
  • SLC80 rating: 26dB
  • Mounts to Maxisafe visor holder
  • 3 positions: Airing, Resting, Working
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 1270:1999 standards

Item number: HRE646


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