3 Way Timber Clamp


If you want a way to get your profiles plumb on your own, you should try a clamp for profile timbers from BT Engineering. This 3 way timber clamp is a convenient tool that enable you to get your profile plumb just using timber.

The 3 way timber clamp is a zinc plated steel clamp made up of three interconnected g-clamps.

Tighten the centre g-clamp onto your steel profile, and then use two timbers in the other two g clamps to keep the profile steady.

Use a level to get your profile straight and then tighten the g-clamps into final position. This three way timber bracing clamp is a must-have for bricklaying.

Three Way Timber Clamp

This clamp for timber is zinc plated for durability and works to prevent corrosion when exposed to the elements.

Specifications of the 3 Way Timber Clamp

– This BT Timber Clamp holds square or rectangle timbers measuring 76×76 to 38×38 .

– Small and convenient suitable for transport

– Easy, one man operation.

– Zinc plated to protect against corrosion

– Stockcode: TC

– Proudly Australian made.

How to use a three way timber clamp

Watch the BT Engineering’s video below to see the 3 way timber clamp in action!