550 EPOS Robot Mower – Husqvarna

Did you know that the 550 EPOS Auto mower is one of the most powerful and high-tech robotic mowers for sale today? It is compact at 14.4kg and has a cutting capacity of up to 5000 m2. This Automower 550EPOS is the perfect robot mower for commercial use, using cutting-edge satellite technology to perfectly mow your area of need. With powerful wheels and good traction, the Husqvarna 550 EPOS can handle slopes and uneven rough lawns, as well as inclines up to 45% (24˚). This purchase includes the 550 EPOS robo mower itself, as well as the required EPOS™ Reference Station.

550 EPOS RRP: $10,199

EPOS™ Reference Station RRP: $1999

Total RRP: $12,198Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase this item or to get a delivery quote.

550EPOS Robot Mower – Husqvarna

Thanks to the wide range of features offered by the official Husqvarna Automower® Connect app, you can take full remote control of your 550 EPOS Robot Lawn Mower. Not only that, you can get notifications on the 550EPOS GPS location and status, as well as an alarm system if this robotic mower is stolen, letting you feel fully secure in the safety of your mower. And if you’re using multiple auto mowers, the Husqvarna Fleet Services app lets you operate all of them at once, so you know the 550 EPOS Automower is well suited for commercial use.

When you buy your 550 EPOS auto mower from us here at Canberra Mower Suppliers, you’re getting it with the mandatory EPOS Reference Station that lets the mower do its thing. This fantastic device controls the satellite signals controlling the mapping and direction of your automower, and has a wide function radius of up to 500 metres!

Self reliant, so you can put up your feet

This Husqvarna robotic lawn mower is self-reliant. Once set up, you don’t really need to do much to help it out. Husqvarna is the first to use EPOS satellite technology in the path mapping of their robotic mowers – in fact, we don’t know of any other brands that benefit from this! The impressive EPOS tech means you can establish virtual boundaries, so you don’t need to set up any physical boundary wires to control the range of the mower. In the app, you can set up the area you want mowed, including zones you want the mower to avoid – you can also easily turn on or off each zone depending on what’s happening in the area. When you want this amazing robot mower to get to work, it will mow your chosen area with an accuracy of 2 to 3 centimetres, giving you precise and impressive results every time. So once you’ve set up the map for your new automower, you can kick back and watch it at work.

You don’t even need to plug it in yourself! The 550 EPOS robotic mower will take itself back to its charging station to “refuel”.

No waking your neighbours

You don’t need to worry about the noise from a 550 EPOS Automower as it operates at a mere 65 dB(A). This makes it an incredibly quiet machine compared to other robotic mowers on the market, enabling the Husqvarna Automower® to work around the clock — even in the dead of night — without disturbing the neighbours.

Rain, Hail or Shine

Reliability is key, and this robo mower can operate in rainy conditions and other harsh weather climates. You can even adjust its cutting habits to match the growth of your lawn! So come spring when the grass is green and growing strong, this Automower can cut more often, and ease off during the winter months.

Specifications of the Husqvarna AM 550 EPOS


  • Working area capacity: 5000 m² ±20
  • Maximum Slope Performance (At Boundary): 15 %
  • Maximum Slope Performance (Inside Installation): 45 %
  • Maximum Active Time: 24 h
  • Search System: EPOS Guidance
  • Follow Guide: Virtual Transport Path
  • Charging system: Automatic


  • Weight: 14.4 kg
  • Size (Length x Width x Height): 72 x 56 x 32 cm


  • Colour: Grey, Orange
  • Sound Level (Perceived): 65 dB(A)
  • Production Index (IP Code): IPX4
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion
  • Battery Capacity: 10 Ah
  • Charging Current: 7 A
  • Typical Mow Time (Single Charge): 210 minutes
  • Typical Charge Time: 60 minutes
  • Mean Energy Consumption (Max. Use): 24 kWh / 5000 m2

Cutting System

  • Cutting system: 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Cutting Height (Min.-Max.): 20-60 mm
  • Cutting width: 24 cm
  • Skid Plate: Yes


  • User Interface: Professional User Interface / App
  • Display: None
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Cellular
  • App Controlled: Husqvarna Fleet Services
  • Firmware Update: FOTA

Safety Features

  • GPS Theft Tracking
  • PIN Code
  • Alarm
  • Lift Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor

Item Number (Automower 550 EPOS™): 970 46 53‑07, 9704653‑07

Item Number (EPOS Reference Station): 970 46 82‑07, 9704682‑07

550EPOS Robotic Mower for sale in Canberra

Want more information about the 550 EPOS automower? Just give us a call on 02 6242 8996 and our friendly, helpful staff will be glad to walk you through the features, so you can figure out if it’s the perfect robotic mower for you. Or if you’re in the Canberra area, our shop is located in Mitchell, so you can come and have a chat with us to decide which of our high quality robot mowers for sale is the best fit for your personal or commercial project.

Want to see what the 550 EPOS can do? If you’re in Canberra, you can call 02 6242 8996 to book a demonstration, and you can watch this fantastic Husqvarna robotic mower in action.

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