Wet and Dry Diamond Core Drill ADM160


ADM160 Wet and Dry Diamond Core Drill

The ADM160 is built as a heavy duty wet or dry diamond core drill. It is made to be easily converted from wet to dry use by removing the water seal mounted at the front of the gear box. The 3 speed gear box provides the ideal cutting speed and maximum torque. The slip clutch and electronic overload protection provide safe, hassle free drilling.


  • Capacity: 80 mm hand held, 200 mm rig mounted
  • Power input: 2000 W
  • Stand can be purchased separately (Code: ADM160R)
  • Soft Start
  • No Load Min-1:
    o Speed 1:400-850
    o Speed 2: 750-1640
    o Speed 3: 1550-3450
  • Item Number: ADM160 AGP

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