Air filter replacement: Honda GX140, GX160 & GX200


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Air filter replacement for Honda GX140, GX160 & GX200 petrol motors

These air filters are specifically designed to replace the Honda GX140, GX160 and GX200 small engines.

Replacement Air Filter for the following EOM parts numbers:


Why do I need to replace my Honda air filter?

It’s easy to forget about servicing your equipment. We all know what it is like, and you have so many things to think about. But just like your car it is important to regularly service your construction machinery.

Machines used across construction sites are constantly doing hard yakka, long hours, and are exposed to extreme elements of dust and debris. So if you don’t service your small engines, which includes replacement of your air filter you are going to run the risk of damaging or destroying your machine.

These airfilters are especially designed to :

– extend the life of your engine

– make your engine more fuel efficient (by up to 10%)

– reduce smoke and emissions making it a safer and more comfortable environment to work in

– be cost efficient. The small price you pay for an air filter can save you from having to consider a whole engine rebuild.

How to replace my Honda air filter?

While we recommend that you get your Honda Small Engines serviced by a professional mechanic, the changing of the air filter on a small engine is a relatively simple task that some people like to do themselves.

If you are in Canberra or the surrounding region and you need a Honda Authorised Warranty Repair Agent, just give us a call on 02 6242 8996 and we can book you in.

First you need to prepare your machine for the service

1. Make your engine is cool. Never service a hot engine.

2. Unplug the wire and boot from the spark plug.

3. Turn the fuel valve to the off position.

Now you need to remove your old air filter

1. Unscrew the wing nut at the top of the cover

2. Pull the air filter cover off

3. Unscrew the wing nut holding the air filter in place.

4. If you have never replaced an air filter before, take a photo of the old airfilter before removing it. You can refer back to your photo to ensure you put the new air filter in place correctly.

5. Slide the old air filter off up the mounting bolt.

Installing the new air filter

6. Slide the new air filter into place on the mounting bolt (refer to the photo you took to double check orientation).

7. Screw on the wing nut to the top of the air filter to secure the air filter in place

8. Put the air filter cover back on.

9. Screw the remaining wing nut to the top of the air filter cover

Preparing your machine for use

10. Turn the fuel valve back on.

11. Plug the spark plug wire and boot back onto the spark plug.


Should I clean my Honda air filter?

The problem with cleaning an air filter is that if it is not done correctly it can harm your Honda small engine.

If you cleaning your air filter, instead of replacing it, you may only get the surface dust and grime from the filter. This can expose your engine to entrenched dust a grime. If dust gets in your engine it is going to cost you A LOT more than the couple of dollars spent on a new air filter. Also, it probably is cheaper for you to buy a new air filter if you consider the cost of your time, fiddling about trying to ensure it is thoroughly clean.

You will get much more peace of mind with a new replacement air filter installed.