Arbortech Saw

The AS 175 Arbortech AllSaw approaches cutting into masonry in a different way to a diamond blade. It uses a reciprocating and hammering action to cut into mortar. This results in larger chunks of material being removed which fall to the ground instead of going airborne.

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AS175 Arbortech Saw – a highly innovative alternative to masonry cutting

This brick saw allows for precise cutting which makes it a favourite tool for masonry restoration contractors. It’s high accuracy and clear visibility when cutting makes it easy to cut out a single brick. This is hard to achieve with a traditional angle grinder or quick cut. The Allsaw allows you to make “square cuts”- this means you can cut out all the mortar between the bricks without actually hitting the brick above or below. It allows allows for with precise stops and starts. The Allsaw can cut directly into flush walls without stitch drilling, and it is the only small handheld saw that goes as deep as 120 mm when outfitted with the right blade.

This accuracy makes the Arbortech AS175 an efficient tool, saving you time and money getting the job done right the first time.

The AS175 All Saw is the new and improved version of their popular Arbortech AS170. The Arbortech AS175 has a 1400 Watt motor which is more powerful than the previous model (Arbortech AS170) which had a 1250 Watt motor.

Reduction of Dust

The Arbortech Saw has safety in mind. Unlike traditional cutting wheels when used to cut dry, this brick saw reduces air borne dust particles through its hammering method. You can also opt to attach a vacuum unit (not included) for additional dust control. So, for the first time you can cut dry and cut clean at the same time. Inside jobs are now possible without the usual painstaking clean up time

The Allsaw Improves Balance and Control

Another safety consideration is that the Arbortech Saw is not prone to dangerous kickbacks that can occur with other machines like a quick cut. A kickback is where a diamond or abrasive blade gets jammed during use and thrust the machine up and back towards the operator. The clever ergonomic design of the Allsaw improves balance and control.

The engineered design allows the operator clear visibility when cutting.

What you get with this Arbortech AS175 for sale:

– Arbortech AS175 Brick and Mortar Saw with a powerful, heavy duty and long lasting 1400 Watt motor

– Abortech blades: General purpose blades and Plunge blades. All AllSaw compatible blades have high quality Tungsten Carbide teeth that are also resharpenable.

– Heavy duty tool bag

– Heavy Duty Dust Boot

– Spare Set of Screws for Blades

Stockcode: ALL.FG.175240.00

Optional extras or replacement parts:

If you are needing more Arbortech Blades or replacement parts- give us a call on 02 6242 8996. With a number of specialised Allsaw AS175 compatible blades available, including Wood Blades, Heritage Blades, Caulking Blades, Switchbox Blades and more. We have the blade for the job.

Check out the video of how it works below! Looking for more traditional ways of cutting? Check out our range of quick cuts or head back to our main product page