Aluminium Hawk – Marshalltown


Marshalltown’s high quality Aluminium Hawk is the perfect tool for carrying and applying your mortar or concrete render, whether you’re doing concreting, bricklaying or plastering work. With a comfortable DuraSoft handle, you can use this handy and portable mortar board with ease and with reduced hand fatigue. This render hawk from Marshalltown will give you great results and let you focus on the task at hand with no stress!

Marshalltown – Aluminium Hawk for sale in Canberra

The Marshalltown plasterer’s hawk is made of high quality, hard rolled aluminium for a solid build, so you can take care of the job with confidence and efficiency. The edges of this hawk have also been smoothed, and the corners have been rounded, giving the blade a comfortable and safe design.

Did you know that the DuraSoft handle of this excellent rendering hawk is also designed to reduce callus development? So with this great Marshalltown hawk you can work in comfort and not worry about pain and calluses down the track.

Specifications of the Aluminium Hawk from Marshalltown

  • Large square blade, 330 x 330 mm (13 x 13 inch)
  • DURAGRIP handle for ease of use
  • High quality, heavy gauge and hard-rolled aluminium blade
  • Surface of blade machined to prevent mortar from sliding off and aluminium from bowing or beading

Item Number: 15215


Also known as: Plasterers, Plaster, Bricklaying, Bricklayer, Rendering, Render Hawks