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Topcon’s AT-B laser auto levels are the ideal device for determining height differentials on busy and noisy job sites. Thanks to the finely tuned auto-collimation system, you can get incredibly accurate readings with high quality magnification. These automatic levels are also built for use in all weather situations, as they can withstand rainfall and water jets, and reduce condensation in the lens. With these high quality AT series auto levels, you can get perfect readings and measurements on the job.

AT-B4A RRP: $565

AT-B2 / AT-B3A: Price on Application (Special Order)Contact us on 02 6242 8996 to discuss and/or purchase one or more of these items.

Topcon AT-B Series Laser Auto Levels in Canberra

– Rapid, accurate, and stable automatic compensation

– Ultra-short 20cm focusing

– All-weather dependability

– Endless fine horizontal adjustments

Ordering the AT-B2 and AT-B3

The AT-B2 and AT-B3 Topcon laser levels are special orders, which means there may be longer delivery times and additional delivery costs. Please contact us and we can discuss options with you.

Choose from:

  • Topcon Laser Level AT-B2 with 32x magnification (Special Order)
  • Topcon Laser Level AT-B3 with 28x magnification (Special Order)
  • Topcon Laser Level AT-B4A with 24x magnification

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Also known as Dumpy Level

Product Type

AT-B2, AT-B3, AT-B4