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Scud Series of Diesel or Petrol Pressure Washers from Aussie Pumps

You can’t go wrong with the Aussie Scud series of high pressure water blasters from Aussie Pumps. It is a heavy duty pressure washer that comes with either a petrol or diesel engine.

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It is perfect for contracting, construction, public utility, and for other similar heavy duty applications. The heart of the pressure washer is a “Big Berty” Bertolini triplex piston pump powered by popular Honda industrial petrol engines with either recoil or electric start options.

What makes the Aussie Scud Pressure Washer so effective?

The beauty of the Aussie Scud pressure washers is that they produce more pressure, combined with less flow. This gets cleaning done faster with less water. This saves you labour time, fuel, and machine wear and tear. Not only does is save your hip pocket in efficiencies, you know that it is having less environmental impact compared to other machines on the market.

With a choice of a petrol engine from the Honda GX range or Yanmar diesel engine, you know this pressure washer will not let you down on the job.

The pressure washers come with a “soft start” unloader. This releases pressure in the hose when the trigger gun is closed. It makes the hose lighter to move reducing operator fatigue and making the job easier for you as there’s no kickback when releasing the gun’s trigger. It also reduces stress on the pump, the gearbox, and the operator so hose abrasion (a major maintenance issue for this type of equipment) is minimised and cuts down maintenance costs.

The Scud series features an ergonomic, galvanised steel frame that incorporates loads of design features that provide a combination of protection for the machine and it’s key components. The frame is finely balanced enabling operators to move the machine easily on site. Easy access for routine pump and engine maintenance, and integrated features make the blaster easy to store and mount accessories.

It comes with 4 big 13” steel wheels with big, rough terrain tyres.

Specifications of this Aussie pumps pressure washer

Model Petrol Engine Version Diesel Engine Version Pump Model Pump Pressure (psi) Flow rate (lpm) Pump rpm
Scud 100 Honda GX200 Yanmar L48 WBL1114 2000 11 1450
Scud 350 Honda GX390 Yanmar L100 e/s TTL1520 3000 15 1450
Scud 351 Honda GX390 Yanmar L100 e/s Hatz 1B50 TTL2120 2500 21 1450
Scud 400 Honda GX390 Yanmar L100 e/s Hatz 1B40 TTL1330 4000 15 1450


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