Austsaw Redgum / Sleeper Steel Blades


Austsaw Redgum / Sleeper Steel Blades are for use with Circular Saws.

Size: 235mm, 9¼ inch, Bore 25mm, 6 Teeth

The Austsaw Sleeper Blade laser cut design is made from solid steel with hardened over size tips.

Designed for cutting wood:

  • Redgum
  • Wooden Logs
  • Sleepers,
  • Fallen Tree Branches
  • Firewood
  • Hardwood

The Austsaw Sleeper Blade is ideal for landscape gardeners, fencing contractors, farmers, handyman and the bloke with the man cave fire heater. The Sleeper blade is ideal for cutting fence posts, sleepers, hardwood, fallen tree branches and firewood.

No need to use a regular timber blade or chain saw blade that simply won’t last. Purchase the Austsaw Sleeper circular saw blade and you will experience extreme cutting performance!

Item Number: RG235256