Austsaw Rootmaster Steel Blade


Austsaw Rootmaster Steel Blades for use with Demo Saws.

The Austsaw Rootmaster laser cut design is made from solid steel with hardened over size tips.

Designed for cutting:

– Wood (Hardwoods, Inground Roots, Logs and Sleepers)

– Small Trenches for pipes in the ground.

The Austsaw Rootmaster cutting blade is ideal for landscape gardeners, fencing contractors, farmers and green keepers. The Rootmaster produces the best results when cutting in and around dirt and soil.

– Bore: 25.4/20mm, 10 Teeth.

– Sizes from 12 to 16 inches. We do special orders, contact us if the size you need is not available below:

– Choose from:
RM350 14″ 350mm
RM400 16″ 400mm (16″ is out of stock and discontinued)


RM350, RM400