Bessey Snips


These high quality Snips from Bessey are so good they will cut stainless steel up to 1.2 mm and sheet metal up to 1.8 mm, both ferrous and non ferrous. The Bessey tin snips have a superior edge and longer life with their jaws made of double induction hardened forge steel, giving you a great tool that will last a long time. These snippers also feature ergonomic non slip handles and a thumb lock for added safety and security while you work.

Bessey Snips for sale in Canberra

Models available:

  • D16L – Left and shape cut (Red)
  • D16S – Straight and Shape cut (Yellow)
  • D16 – Right and shape cut (Green)

Also known as Tin Snips, Nippers, Knips, Nips, Tinsnips, Steel Cutters

Product Type

Left and shape cut, Right and shape cut, Straight and Shape