Bi-Metal Holesaw Bits Sizes from 16mm – 102mm – Alpha


ProEdge Bi-Metal Holesaw Bits Sizes from 16mm – 102mm – Alpha

  • Fast, clean cutting multi use holesaws suitable for drilling wood, nail embedded wood, plastic, stainless steel alloys and mild steel.
  • Variable tooth unique variable tooth geometry for consistent cutting ability in a wide range of materials
  • Made in USA to suit demanding Australian conditions
  • 8% cobalt Bi-metal gives ultimate performance and superior welding technology prevents tooth strippage
  • 35mm (1-3/8″) cutting depth

Contact us if you need a size not listed below:

  • HSV16 (16mm)
  • HSV19 (19mm)
  • HSV20 (20mm)
  • HSV22 (22mm)
  • HSV25 (25mm)
  • HSV29 (29mm)
  • HSV32 (32mm)
  • HSV35 (35mm)
  • HSV38 (38mm)
  • HSV40 (40mm)
  • HSV44 (44mm)
  • HSV48 (48mm)
  • HSV51 (51mm)
  • HSV54 (54mm)
  • HSV57 (57mm)
  • HSV60 (60mm)
  • HSV64 (64mm)
  • HSV67 (67mm)
  • HSV70 (70mm)
  • HSV76 (76mm)
  • HSV83 (83mm)
  • HSV89 (89mm)
  • HSV92 (92mm)
  • HSV102 (102mm)
Product Type

HSV102, HSV16, HSV19, HSV20, HSV22, HSV25, HSV29, HSV32, HSV35, HSV38, HSV40, HSV44, HSV48, HSV51, HSV54, HSV57, HSV60, HSV64, HSV67, HSV70, HSV76, HSV83, HSV89, HSV92