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A block saw is built for efficiency giving you the correct cutting depth for concrete besser blocks..

While a brick saw can do the job, if you are laying a lot of blocks then you would be smart to invest in a specialised block saw. Blocksaws save you time and money as they give you the extra height so you can cut through the block in one cut. Rather than with a bricksaw you would have to do your first cut and then flip the block over.

The BT Block saw has a heavy duty construction which makes it perfect for building and hire industries.

A Block Saw for Cutting Concrete Block

A Block Saw s is basically a large masonry table saw, or brick cutting table saw, attached to a hose for wet cutting of blocks.

The benefit of a blocksaw compared with hand held demo saws is that it is a more comfortable saw to cut  without bending over all day. These really are the superior saws preferred by brickies. A brick saw blade is usually a 20″ inch diamond blade.

Here is a great demo of cutting a paver using a wet table saw by BT Engineering:


Specifications of this Block Saw:

– Suits 20″ (510mm) blade (not included).

– Depth of cut 200mm.

– Length of cut 540mm.

– 12 Month Warranty.

– Made in Australia

– Choose from:

BLSAWP Petrol, Honda GX270 motor (9HP): $4700
BLSAW3P Electric, 4kW 3 phase motor (5HP), $4450
BLSAWSP Electric, 2.2 kW 240 volt motor (3HP) $4520

Contact us on 02 6242 8996 for a package deal with a quality diamond blade.

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Electric, 2.2 kW 240 volt motor (3HP), Electric, 4kW 3 phase motor (5HP), Petrol, Honda GX270 motor (9HP)


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