Brass-plated Sheet Sprayer Machine – Battiferro


This fantastic spraying machine from Battiferro will let you apply render in no time! The Battiferro sprayer machine is designed for convenience with a lightweight design that keeps weight at a minimum when you add in your render mix. Because the machine is small and compact, it’s quick to set up and easy to use which makes it ideal for smaller jobs. With Battiferro’s spraying machine, there’s no need for an air compressor or other equipment. Just rotate the handle and the flicker comb will move as well, picking up and throwing the mix onto your wall of choice – it’s that easy!

Battiferro – Brass-plated Sheet Spraying Machine for sale

  • Made from strong and lightweight brass plate sheet steel
  • Lightweight construction for minimized weight
  • Rotating handle picks up and throws mix against walls
  • For interior and exterior use
  • Compact design is ideal for small jobs and repair work

Item Number: ART505.7.B

Also known as: Tyrolean Applicator, Tyrolean Hand Guns, Roughcast Applicator, Machine Render, Sprayed Rendering Machine, Hand Operated Wall Compound Sprayer, Splash Machine, Splatter Machine