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This Bricklayers Gauge Tape from Technique Tools is ideal for marking up your building profiles. With this brick tape, you can improve your accuracy of bricklaying through course marking. You’ll be easily able to figure out the perfect width and height of your brick joints, reducing labour and giving you just the right finish on your cutting.

Brick Tape 3m from Technique Solutions

This brick tape for sale is 3m in length and has five gauges: 84, 85, 86, 87, 88.

Benefits of Bricklayers Gauge Tape

A brick gauge is standard to determine and confirm a consistent width or height of your mortar joints. So, a brick gauge tape is the perfect companion in taking the guesswork out of brickwork.

What it allows you to do is to work out up front how wide your joints need to be to get the perfect height or width. This can minimise labour in cutting and means you get a much ‘cleaner’ finished look.

Examples of Brick Gauge Measuring Tape uses are:

– Setting out the height of windows and doors. You can use a bricklayers gauge tape to determine what height is best to set them out at.

– Choosing your brick gauge and reducing the incidence of ¾ cuts. You can use the bricklaying tape to determine which gauge will get you the best result before even laying a brick.

– Estimating brick quantities. When quoting a brick tape can help you estimate quantities and costs saving you time and money before you even start.

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