Brick Hammer – Estwing


This Brick Hammer from Estwing is the most durable and popular bricklaying hammer on the market thanks to its tough, patented nylon end cap. This masons hammer also features a moulded, bonded Shock Reduction Grip®, which reduces vibrations and shock by up to 70% and will not come off, reducing disruptions while you work. The handle and head of Estwing’s bricklayer’s hammers are made of one piece drop forged steel for maximum durability, and are also double tempered to give them even more strength. The high quality of this scutch hammer makes it the perfect fit for any brickie.

Estwing Brick Hammer for sale in Canberra

  • 24 oz / 680 g
  • Shock Reduction Grip greatly reduces vibration and shock
  • Patented nylon end cap for optimal durability
  • Head and handle are drop forged in 1 piece
  • Industry best double tempering
  • Precision balanced

WARNING: Always wear safety goggles. Bystanders should also wear safety goggles.

Item number: E3-24BLC


Also known as Scutch Hammer – Masonry Hammers – Bricklayers Hammer – Masons Hammer