Brickies Brushes for Sale – MasterFinish


Looking for a great brickies brush that perfectly suits any and all tradie tasks? Masterfinish has you covered with their high quality brushes. With an excellent wooden stock and high quality Tampico fibres you can easily get the job done any time, any place. Available in sizes of 210 mm and 255 mm.

High Quality Masonry Brushes for Sale

This Tampico fibre scrub brush is the ideal tool if you want to easily wipe away brick or masonry work. A wide variety of tasks are easier than ever when you have the excellent Masterfinish brush at your side. The Tampico fibres are water resistant and powerful, able to scrub away at marks and grime with no worries. The brush also has a wooden stock that ensures you can get a good grip on it at all times.

Specifications of the Masterfinish Bricklaying Brushes

Item Numbers

  • Small: MFBBTS
  • Large: MFBBTL

Brush Sizes

  • Small: 210 mm
  • Large: 255 mm


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