Brickies’ Own Concentrated Mortar Plasticiser (Clear)


Brickies’ Own Plasticiser from Cement Australia is applied in diluted form as an air entraining agent for mortar to make the laying of bricks and blocks easier. You can use Brickies’ Own on mortars of all sand colours, like white sand. This plasticiser creates 20L of product when diluted so you can get quite a lot out of it. With Brickies’ Own, you’ll find your mortar becomes easier to work, more consistent, more water retentive, and more cohesive – everything a brickie could ask for!

Cement Australia – Brickies’ Own Concentrated Mortar Plasticiser (Clear) for sale

Brickies Own Plasticiser is a highly-concentrated air entraining product that has been developed to enhance the workability of mortar. This high quality plasticiser is made to conform with the AS1478-2000 standard, ensuring that it meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Brickies Own comes in a clear amber 1 litre bottle and is suitable for light-coloured mortar, including white. As a concentrated product, it is an economical choice, since you’re only paying for the active ingredients, without the added cost of water.

Features and Benefits of Brickies’ Own Mortar Plasticiser

Brickies Own Plasticiser comes in a durable plastic bottle that is designed to withstand damage and to facilitate easy transportation. The product is easy to dilute, with one litre requiring dilution with 19 litres of gauging water in a 20-litre container or larger before use.

There are tons of other benefits to using Brickies Own Plasticiser. It enhances mortar workability, cohesion, consistency, water retention, and ease of use, while also reducing segregation and bleed in the mortar. These properties make it an ideal product for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, because it makes mortar mixing easy, efficient, and effective. Overall, Brickies Own Mortar Plasticiser is an excellent choice for all kinds of building projects.

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