Bricklaying Bolster – OX Tools


This Bricklaying Bolster from OX Tools is a great tool for cutting concrete and brick. This trade quality bolster tool is made of drop forged steel, giving it a high durability that will last you time and time again. It is also designed for comfort with a Duragrip handle, for reduced fatigue while you work. We also have the specialised OX Pro Brick Bolster, which is designed for even more power and cut quality. The Bolster is 115mm wide, while the Pro Bolster is 76mm wide.

OX Tools – Bricklaying Bolsters in Canberra

For cutting bricks and concrete. Protective eyewear must be worn.

OX Brick Bolster 115mm

  • Single piece drop forged steel
  • Finger shape moulded rubber handle for added comfort

OX Pro Brick Bolster 76mm

  • Drop forged chrome vandium steel
  • Soft grip handle
  • Rubber hand guard

Item Numbers: OX-T090945, OX-P092303

Also known as Masonry Bolsters, Cold Chisels


76mm Pro, 115mm, 52mm