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Reusable Cloth Masks for Adults

Cloth masks with filters are a great option for the public, especially when they are multi-layer cloth masks. These are 3 layer reusable cloth masks that come in three different colours so you can colour coordinate your outfits.

While cloth masks may not be the right solution for health care workers in hazardous biological environments, they are a comfortable and convenient solution for public use. So you can have that extra protection when you are doing low risk activities like shopping and getting petrol.

Cloth masks with filter

cloth mask with disposable filter Melbourne

The best fabric masks are those that have a filter pocket, as you then have the option on whether to wear them with or without a filter. These are 3 layer cloth masks, which in itself provides protection. But the protection of these cloth masks can be enhanced further by putting a filter material into the pocket. As the thread of cloth is generally more porous than some of the disposable options, the filter can help catch some of the aerosol-sized particles that experts are concerned about and you can wash and reuse the main mask.

The effectiveness of your filter will depend upon the type of material you put into the filter pocket. These cloth masks come with 4 disposable PM2.5 filters that provide ≥94% filtration of particles >0.3 micron. These give you the benefit of convenience of a cloth mask, but the added protection should you require it. We also sell additional filters should you require more.

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