Carburetor for Honda GX120 and GX160

Have you got a problem with your Honda GX120 or GX160 small engine? It just won’t start? Is there a sneezing or popping sound in the intake? Black smoke is coming out of the exhaust? Your carby isn’t always to blame but it sure is a likely culprit since an engine really only needs fuel, air, and spark to live – and a majority of that is regulated by your carburetor. Making sure your small engine has a clean and quality carburetor is a smart way to save yourself money, headaches, and frustration when you are on the job site. And with this fantastic replacement carburetor, you can do just that!

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Carburetor for Honda GX120 or GX160

There is nothing worse when you are on a timeframe and your machinery won’t start.

Often cleaning and rebuilding your Honda small engine carburetor is not an option…and it can be time consuming.

If you are after a carby to suit your Honda GX 120 or GX160 small engine you can’t go past this quality replacement part.

This carburetor will mix just the right amount of petrol with air so that the engine runs like a dream.

Don’t let an old carburetor ruin your day and your Honda GX motor. Know the signs and stay ahead of malfunctions.

Did you know that we also have air filters for sale and recoil pull starts. We have a large range of other spare parts but only a limited range online. If you can’t find what you want, then give us a call.