Cavity Cleaner with Tap – BT Engineering


The BT Engineering Cavity Cleaner is handy and essential for cleaning excess mortar and cement from various surfaces and cavities while on the job. This Builder’s CC is single piece high quality forged steel, which means it has the durability you want in any work site. You’ll find this quality cavity cleaner gives you a powerful water jet which makes it easier than ever to clean away and remove mortar and cement – and, you can also use it to wash down other tools, like your wheelbarrows and concrete mixers!

Cavity Cleaner with Tap – BT Engineering

  • Forged from one piece of high quality carbon steel
  • Tapered for correct flexibility
  • Delivers a fine strong jet of water for a variety of uses
  • In a full brick building it is essential to clean the mortar from the ties in the cavity to prevent moisture transfer.
  • It is also essential to remove excess cement and mortar from horizontal and vertical steel bars in reinforced block work.
  • Great for cleaning down messy concrete mixers and wheelbarrows.
  • Item Number: BT CC

Made with pride in Australia


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