Chipping Hammer Double Blade – REXID

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Chipping Hammers: Double Blade – REXID

For dressing of rough-cut hard stone.
• Not applicable for use as granite setting hammer
• For extreme load, with inclined tungsten carbide plate
• Has a sturdy tungsten carbide blade
• The hammer body is made of wear resistant special steel
• There are additional welding joints for higher wear resistance
• Spare handles and safety wedge can be ordered separately.
• Handle included

Types Available:
B07.015: Hardstone; 1100g; Cutting Width 40mm two sided
B07.032: Hardstone; 1500g; Cutting Width 45mm two sided
E01.070: Spare Handle

This is a special order item and there may be 8 week waiting period as the product is sourced from Germany.

Product Type

B07.015: Hardstone; 1100g, B07.017: Extreme: 1100g, B07.032: Hardstone; 1500g, B07.037: Extreme: 1700g, E01.070: Spare Handle