Clip Together Handle MF588 – MasterFinish


This excellent MasterFinish Clip Together Handle is designed for use with walking trowels, edgers, groovers, and other similar tools. Most of the tube is made of aluminium, which is also fluted for a stronger grip, while the insert end tube has been built from steel with zinc plating. Not only can you use this 2 metre handle on its own, you can also align up to three or four of them to get a longer reach up to 6 or 8 metres – and you can even attach it to MasterFinish’s telescopic handle (see below for a product link)!

Clip Together Handle – MasterFinish

  • 2 meters long
  • 3-4 can be aligned for 6-8 m reach, or can be aligned with MasterFinish 1076 Telescopic Handle for 7 m reach
  • Fits bullfloats, brooms, walking trowels and fresno trowels

Made in Australia.

WARNING – When using telescopic handles and long length of clip together handle, near to electric wires or other
high voltage installations, care should be taken to avoid contacting live wires as such contact may be lethal.