Clip Together Handle MF588 – MasterFinish

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Clip Together Handle MF588 – MasterFinish

  • •2 meters long
  • The aluminium tube is fluted to enhance grip. The inserted end tube is zinc plated steel, swaged down to fit neatly on the shaft of a bull float, walking trowel, or broom bracket.
  • Three or four of these handles may be aligned together to give a reach of 6 to 8 metres.
  • To obtain a 7m reach, a 588 clip handle can be clipped.
  • Fits bullfloats, brooms, walking trowels and fresno trowels

Made in Australia.

WARNING – When using telescopic handles and long length of clip together handle, near to electric wires or other
high voltage installations, care should be taken to avoid contacting live wires as such contact may be lethal.


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