Steel Floats – MasterFinish


With the stainless steel blades of these high quality floats from MasterFinish, you can efficiently “rub up” concrete floors to prepare for trowelling or coloured dry shake. The MasterFinish steel hand floats will give you a finish that is textured but also smoother than if you use a wood float, which makes these perfect for outdoor paving. The steel blade is also turned up on all sides, ensuring you won’t encounter any gouging while you work. We have three different sizes of these high quality hand floats for sale, so you can get the perfect tool that best suits your needs!

Masterfinish Steel Floats in Canberra

Made in Australia

Choose from:

  • MF209, 160 X 210 mm
  • MF219, 150 x 380 mm
  • MF229,290 X 100 mm

Also known as All Sides Up Float – Stipple – Spinner

Product Type

MF209, MF219, MF229