Coving Trowels – MasterFinish


With these excellent Coving Trowels from MasterFinish, you can form coves of setting concrete in the spots that meet between a wall and the floor. These concrete cove trowels can also create a more textured finish than the finish usually created by steel trowelling, known as a coving or stipple finish. We have four different sizes of Cove Trowels for sale, so you can get exactly the tool that suits the job at hand!

MasterFinish Coving Trowels for sale

Used to form a cove where a wall and floor meet. These coving trowels have a traditional use in ‘rubbing up’ the setting concrete prior to steel trowelling.

If the concrete is left with the finish created by the coving trowel, i.e. a more textured finish than a steel trowelled finish. This is known as a coving finish or ‘stipple’ finish.

Made in Australia

Choose from:

  • MF201 145mm wide, 70mm high
  • MF202 145mm wide, 32mm high
  • MF203 95mm wide, 25mm high
  • MF207 140mm wide, 90mm high
Product Type

MF201, MF202, MF203, MF207