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This Dean clamp is a professional grade top steady clamp designed to help you quickly set up profiles and make your bricklaying faster and easier. The brilliance of these Dean clamp top steady profiles is that they are adjustable, with a T-bolt thumb screw for easy adjustments. This makes them something you can use across a range of different jobs whether they are standard 50mm profiles or up to 60mm profiles to a maximum cavity width of 130mm.

How much time could a Dean clamp save you each time you set up a profile?

Is it costing you by not having a Dean 05 Clamp in your tool kit?

BT Engineering Dean 05 Clamp for sale in Canberra

The DEAN 05 Clamp from BT Engineering is a durable top steady clamp, designed for full brick jobs whether they are standard 50mm profiles or up to 60mm profiles to a maximum cavity width of 130mm. This Dean clamp helps you with accuracy and efficiency on the job, as it is designed to help you quickly set up profiles and get them level. They can be used across a range of building frames, as they have easily adjustable G-Clamps that can be moved along the solid steel bar of the Dean clamp to suit your specific job at hand.

To suit which ever building frame you are working with as you can just slide the G-Clamp attachments along the Dean clamp bar to the position that suits your frame. If you need to change which side of the bar you put the profile, that is simple as you can simply flip the G-bracket attachment around. This means is can be quickly adjusted to get the best position for your particular job at hand. And then, as long as you set the dean clamp up level onto the frame, your profile will be perfectly positioned once plumbed up.

The Dean 05 top profile clamp is built to last with solid steel that is also zinc plated for longer life.

Specifications of this Dean Clamp for Sale

  • Designed for full brick jobs from a Standard 50mm profile, or up to 60mm profiles with a maximum cavity width of 130mm
  • Durable top steady clamp.
  • Solid steel construction that is zinc-plated to ensure protection against corrosion in and out of the field
  • Easily adjustable with T-bolt thumb screw for easy adjustment and strong G-Clamps
  • Designed to make it faster to set up profiles for internal corners and full brick jobs.
  • Top steady to hold firm profile for full brick. Works in a similar way to full brick clamps.
  • Made in Australia
  • Item Number: DEAN05

Also known as Rabbit Trap Bricklaying Clamps

Dean Clamp Australia wide delivery

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