UNITEC – Destroyer Pro Brick Silent Diamond Blade


The UNITEC Silent Brick Diamond Blade, from their Destroyer Pro range, is an excellent tool for cutting abrasive brick materials. This high quality saw blade is well suited for clay bricks or pavers that are of medium to hard quality, and it is laser welded for a longer life and faster cuts. This high quality 14 inch brick saw blade for sale is sure to get you the results you desire with no trouble!

Destroyer Pro Brick Diamond Blades Silent – UNITEC

  • Tungsten carbide inserts to protect segment and steel blank when cutting softer abrasive materials
  • 12mm high segments
  • Longer lifespan
  • Silent noise reduction technology
  • Premium Diamond Blade
  • U-14LTS12BF 14″ 350mm Bore 25.4mm RPM-4300

U-14LTS12BF, U-16LTS12BF