Diamond Coated Hole Saw Bits 5mm to 38mm – C Cut Tools


C-Cut Tools have a great series of diamond coated drill bits for your holesaw. These are designed for wet cutting and will give you a fast and clean cut every time you use one. We have a wide range of these smaller hole saw bits for sale, so you can get the best diamond bit for the job.

Diamond Coated Hole Saw Bits – C Cut Tools

Sizes from 5mm Diameter to 38mm diameter

For wet use on Porcelain, Granite, Plaster, Rocks, Marble, Terracotta, Glass etc

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10mm, 1 pack, 10mm, 2 pack, 10mm, 3 pack, 12mm, 2 pack, 13mm, 1 pack, 13mm, 2 pack, 16mm, 1 pack, 19mm, 1 pack, 1x6mm, 1x8mm, 1x10mm, 1x8mm, 1x10mm, 1x13mm, 22mm, 1 pack, 25mm, 1 pack, 32mm, 1 pack, 35mm, 1 pack, 38mm, 1 pack, 5mm, 2 pack, 6.5mm, 2 pack, 6mm, 1 pack, 6mm, 2 pack, 6mm, 3 pack, 8mm, 1 pack, 8mm, 2 pack, 8mm, 3 pack