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The Paragon Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bits are a premium tool for professional contractors who need fast, long lasting and reliable core drill bits – offering great value in the short and long term. These high quality diamond bits are well suited to cut concrete block, reinforced concrete, brick, and hard stone. We have a massive size selection of these high quality Paragon Diamond Core Drill Bits for sale, so you can get the tool that perfectly suits your needs!

Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bits for sale from Paragon Tools

One of the most important aspects to core drilling, is the diamond core bit itself. While the core bits might look similar to an untrained eye, the composition of a diamond core bit is a scientific art. Not all diamond core drill bits are manufactured in the same way or to the same quality standard.

What to look for in a Diamond Core Drill Bit:

1. Cutting Requirements:

You need to make sure you have the right core drill for the right material that you are wanting to cut. The Paragon Tools Professional Range of Laser Welded Core Drill bits have high density diamond segments especially designed to cut concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete block, hard stone and brick coring.

2. How the Diamond segments (diamond teeth) are attached to the steel core.

The benefit of Laser Welded Core Drill bits is that the join between the diamond segments and the steel core does not provide a weak spot. There are cheaper ways of joining the segments to the steel core, but they can create a weak spot and increase the chance of the core bits failing under use. The last thing you want is to loose segments during a cut as it will waste your time costing you a lot more in lost productivity.

Because of their intense strength, Laser Welded Core Drill bits have a higher resistance to heat. This means that the heat generated from coring will have less of an impact on your core drill’s life leaving you with a faster premium cutting tool for a longer time.

3. Commercial grade steel core.

The last thing you want is to be let down by a core drill bit that has not been tested for strength, heat resistance, and durability. With the commercial grade Steel Core of the Paragon Laser Welded Diamond Blades, you know you will have a reliable tool that won’t let you down on the job. Due to the high quality of the steel core, these diamond core drill bits can be re-tipped time and time again giving even further value for your money.

Specifications of the Paragon Laser Welded Diamond Core Drill Bits

  • For cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, concrete block, hard stone and brick
  • For wet cutting
  • Faster and longer life than regular core drill bits
  • Durable laser welded M-Type segments for long lasting superior performance.
  • Universal core drill bit (1 1/4″ UNC female thread – fits most core drill machines)
  • Commercial grade steel core that can be re-tipped.
  • Laser welded core drill bits are more environmentally sustainable.

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Paragon Diamond Core Drill Bit Sizes available for sale:

All these core bits are 500mm long.

The sizes 18mm and 22mm are of the Crown Segment Type

Sizes 25mm to 300mm are of the M- Type.

All come with the 1 1/4″ UNC female thread

Brand: Paragon Tools


D102mm x L500mm, D110mm x L500mm, D115mm x L500mm, D127mm x L500mm, D152mm x L500mm, D166mm x L500mm, D18mm x L500mm, D22mm x L500mm, D25mm x L 500mm, D270mm x L500mm, D300mm x L500mm, D32mm x L 500mm, D39mm x L 500mm, D43mm x L 500mm, D45mm x L500mm, D52mm x L500mm, D64mm x L500mm, D66mm x L500mm, D72mm x L450mm, D77mm x L500mm, D83mm x L500mm, D86mm x L450mm, D90mm x L500mm, D95mm x L500mm