Dingo for Sale – Wheeled – Mini Digger by Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson’s line of wheeled skid-steer mini loaders from Dingo are perfect for working with small holes and trenches thanks to their increased manoeuvrability. The low centre of gravity offers best-in-class traction and lifting capacity with up to 30% more pushing and pulling force than competitors. Between the 3 available models, you can be confident that your choice of Dingo mini-loader is the right tool for you, and the right tool for the job.

SM325 24W: $33,426

SM 325-27W: $46,750 $41,000

SM440-31W: $58,452

Dingo for Sale – Wheeled – Mini-Loader by Wacker Neuson

Wheeled mini diggers are smaller and lighter than the equivalent hi-wheeled machines. These machines are for hire for use on the road, in quarries, and at construction sites. They are towed behind trucks or vans to remote work areas where there is no access with heavy equipment. A tow hitch is fitted.

The Wacker Neuson SM325-27W by Dingo

The SM 325-27W is the perfect workhorse for the worksite, powered by a reliable 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine. The larger displacement twin pump system provides smooth, consistent power to the wheels and attachments while simultaneously performing many functions.

The Dingo all-wheel-drive SM375 27W from Wacker Neuson is ideal for tackling any terrain. With an optional narrow wheel and hub set, you can switch between wide access and narrow access in a matter of minutes – as little as 780 mm – eliminating the need for a second machine.

Dingo SM325-24W Mini-Loader

SM325 24W is powered by a Kohler petrol engine with Electronic Fuel Injection. EFI offers smooth, reliable power compared with carbureted engines. The SM325-24W features twin pump technology, which means it has a large displacement and lots of power at the wheels while also performing many tasks simultaneously.

Designed and produced exclusively for Wacker Neuson by Dingo Australia, the SM37524W is a great workhorse for worksites, owner-operators, and DIY’ers due to its EFI petrol engine. Kohler’s efficient fuel burn minimises running expenditures.

Combining a unique design of the Wacker Neuson mini loader with the Kohler EFI provides the perfect partnership of power, pressure, and durability for every application.

Wacker Neuson SM440-31W from Dingo for sale in Canberra

The Dingo SM440-31W is the most powerful in the series, with a triple pump hydraulic system and a dependable 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine.

For flawless digging, the massive displacement triple pump system delivers unrivalled pushing power to the wheels. The low centre of gravity and up to 30% more pushing force than rivals combine with the high flow 73L/min aux flow to make the SM440-31W the ideal trench cutter.

The best and highest lift for the weight class allows you to achieve more. Our well-proven bushing system has no steel on steel wear, which means no grease or mess and reduced maintenance! Your SM440-31W will endure whatever Mother Nature throws at it thanks to our protection by our touch powder-coated finish.

Dingo Wheeled Mini-Digger Specifications


(Max Operating






2,080 mm862 kgWheeledPetrolAir-cooled 2-cylinder EFI Petrol engine


2,080 mm984 kgWheeledDieselLiquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine


2,080 mm1,080 kgWheeledDieselLiquid-cooled 3-cylinder diesel engine

Attachments for the Dingo Wheeled Digger

Want to get more out of your mini digger? Not only do we sell these powerful Dingo machines, but we also carry attachments and accessories for the diggers. Each attachment lets you specialise the digger to do a specific task. Among our range we have:

Looking for More Info on Dingo Mini Diggers?

If you’d like to speak to us about which model of skid steer mini loader is just right for you, feel free to contact us on 02 6242 8996. If you’d like, you can also stop by our shop in Mitchell and have a chat – we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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