Disposable Face Masks for Adults – Unisex – 20 Pieces


Want to wear a disposable mask, but are looking for one of those trendy black ones?

These black disposable face masks are made for daily use. They are elegant and comfortable with a multi-layer non-woven melt blown fabric to provide protection.

Their features include pleats that expand giving you plenty of breathing room, paired with soft elastic ear straps and an adjustable nose band to create a better facial fit.

Daily Protective Face Mask

These disposable protective face masks are 10cm high and 18cm when packed, making them easy to store and carry in public, whilst expanding enough to easily cover an adult’s face.

Features Include:

  • Pleats that expand to let the mask conform to your face’s shape,
  • Soft elastic ear straps to keep make wearing the mask comfortable,
  • Non-woven filtration material to keep leakage minimal,
  • An adjustable nose band to maintain a better sea band for a better face seal.

A daily protective mask looks like a surgical mask, with a pleated material surface, but is not accredited to the same standard as Surgical Masks, which are required to protect against prolonged saturation by surgical liquids. These masks are best suited for people who need to wear a mask while they are out and about, such as in the case of heavy airborne contamination by smoke, pollen, or by infectious diseases.

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Black Masks Features

These black masks are non toxic and are also suitable for sensitive skin. They contain a highly breathable fabric for more comfort and protection all day long.

Being a black mask, they are well suited to most of your outfits. People prefer black masks, as they just go with anything and look fashionable in a minimalistic way.

Specification of these disposable face masks

Specifications of these disposable face masks

Condition: These mask are brand new, unopened, unused and undamaged items and comes with nice package,  we have repacked items from original package into 20 packs.

Colour: Black

Size: 18cm width * 10cm height

Type: Disposable Mask

Style: High Stretch Ear loop Straps

Material: Made of non-woven melt blown material, they are easy on your skin and comfortable to wear.

Comfort: Adjustable wired bridge at the top to mould  to your nose

Note: To make these accessible to more people we have taken these masks out of the original packaging and have re-packaged them in lots of 20. Children under 2 years old should not wear a mask

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