Double Ended Jointers – Marshalltown


The Double Ended Jointers from Marshalltown are great choices for creating the perfect mortar joints. Their high carbon steel construction means these jointers will last longer and be more durable in the field. The double endings of these brick jointers are different sizes, so each jointer gives you two options for the size of your joints. You can buy these jointers in three different variants.

Double Ended Jointers – Marshalltown

  • Create the perfect mortar joint with these professional ironers and jointers.
  • Each jointer has two ends of different widths
  • Three different sizes available:
    • 10 & 13 mm
    • 13 & 16 mm
    • 16 & 19 mm

Also known as Spoon Jointer, Brick Jointer, Ironer


10/13 mm, 13/16mm, 16/19mm