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The renowned CPS-6550 Cyclone Supa Dust Separators have been a long standing helpmate in the construction and concrete grinding industry. These Cyclone Dust Separators catch most of the dust before it reaches your construction vacuum cleaner. What this does is extend the life of your commercial vacuum cleaner’s delicate and important filters.

This industrial dust separation unit is perfect for concrete grinding applications and has a 50L capacity and collects up to 93.3% of dust, preventing it from reaching your vacuum cleaner.

It takes seconds empty this concrete grinding dust separation unit, which saves you time. In controlled testing this dust separation unit reduced the time of cleaning vacuum filters from 20 minutes per hour to a total of 5 minutes per hour. A real time saver and productivity booster!

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Construction Dust Separator 6550 by Floorex in Canberra

A dust separator is the best tool you can use to extend the life of dust extraction filters, providing better overall cleaning consistency, while reducing operation costs and gaining productivity through less down-time.

How does a dust separator work?

A dust separator works when you connect a dust separator in between your grinding machine and vacuum cleaner. The dust separator removes all the large particles so they do not clog up your vacuum cleaner filter as quickly. This means it increases worksite productivity by reducing the time spent cleaning vacuum filters. 

how does a dust separator work

Benefits of the Supa Seperator Dust Collector

  • The Super Separator collects up to 93.3% of dust before the vacuum unit
  • 50 litre capacity tank
  • By connecting the seperator in between your dust extractor or vacuum, and the grinder, your dust extractor filter life will be extended.
  • Reduces filter blockages and extends life of vacuum motors, reducing replacement and repair cost
  • Increasing working efficiency as you can use your machines longer before having to empty compartments
  • Easy to empty, done in just seconds
  • Suits any vacuum hose with 50mm cuff ends
  • Suitable for use with most dusts and liquids (not recommended for solvents)
  • Extends intervals between filter cleaning allowing much higher productivity
  • Creates overall better cleaning consistency
  • Constructed from durable polyethylene
  • Suits 1 motor and some 2 motor vacuum cleaners
  • Australian made

Controlled Testing of the Supa Separator in Concrete Grinding

During controlled tests the Supa Separator extracted 93.3% of dust from a given floor area leaving  only 6.7% of dust for dust extraction vaccum cleaner to cope with. With the Supa Separator installed the operator was still grinding efficiently after 16 minutes. Before connection of the Supa Separator to the dust extractor, the vacuum cleaner needed cleaning every 4 minutes.

In terms of filter cleaning time effecting productivity. Without using the 24-50 Supa Separator the operator spent a total of 20 minutes per hour cleaning vacuum filters. Whereas with the Supa Separator connected, filter cleaning time was reduced to a total of 5 minutes per hour – Leaving 55 minutes to focus on the concrete grinding job at hand. This is an increase of 38% productivity. Productivity is even further enhanced if the vacuum cleaner unit connected is an auto cleaning vacuum cleaner.

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Video about how to use a Dust Separator

Note: Video of the CPS 24-50 is the product number of the superseded model of the super separator. The newer version of the separator unit is now orange and comes with a few additional features.

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Also known as Super Seperator, Vacuums collection unit, Concrete Grinding Separator, Separator for Dust Extractor, CPS24-50 (old model)