Ox Dutch Pins 4 Pack – OX Tools


These OX Tools Dutch pins are suitable for fixing timber to masonry, making it no longer necessary to nail or screw. They’re galvanised and made of high-quality steel, and are available with a fixed arm or a swivel arm.

Ox Dutch Pins 4 Pack – OX Tools

To use these high quality Dutch Pins, just hammer into the joint and then close the arm. All you have to do to undo it is tap the end of the arm!

Constructed from premium galvanized steel, these Dutch Pins are a testament to both strength and durability. The solid forged and hardened steel ensures both longevity, and the ability to withstand the rigors of demanding job sites. No need to worry about wear and tear – these Dutch Pins are built to last, providing you with a steadfast solution for all your layout needs.

The semi-round swivel arm design of these OX Pins adds an extra layer of convenience to your workflow. Offering versatility in positioning and angling, the swivel arm enables you to achieve precise alignments and measurements without the fuss. A fixed arm variant is also available, offering a stable and secure option for string line setups. The fixed arm version provides enhanced stability during measurements, making it ideal for projects that require steady and unchanging positioning. Whether you’re working on a complex project that demands accuracy or a routine task that requires efficiency, the OX Pins are your dependable tools for the job.

The galvanized steel construction not only greatly enhances the pins’ durability but also effectively safeguards against corrosion and other challenging environmental factors. This means you can confidently utilize these Dutch Pins in a wide range of conditions, whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, without any concerns about compromising their exceptional performance or long-term reliability.

With the OX Tools Dutch Pins, you’re investing in a superior tool that seamlessly combines functionality and reliability. These pins are not just tools; they’re essential companions for any construction professional or DIY enthusiast who values accuracy and durability in their work.

Item Numbers: OX-P100615, OX-P100715

Also known as Masons Pegs, Masons Clamps and Masonry Pins

Product Type

Fixed Arm, Swivel Arm