Dutch Pins – Maurerfreund

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Dutch Pins – Maurerfreund

Did you know that a dutch pin makes it easy to fix timber to masonry. It’s no longer necessary to nail or screw. Just hammer it into the joint and then close arm. They have a great hold ability and when you are finished, you get a quick release just by tapping the end of the arm to undo it. 

The great thing is these masonry pins make it easy to level in the profile or work before tapping it in to tighten.

The strong narrow point of the masonry pin fits between narrow mortar joints. This reduces the chance of chipping bricks

We have both Maurerfreund round dutch pins or square dutch pins for sale.

What are other names for a Dutch Pin?

A Dutch pin is also known as German Masons Pegs, Masonry Pins or Dutch Metal Masons Clamps.

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