Early Entry Green Concrete Diamond Blade


AusKut’s Early Entry Saw Blades are great tools for when you need to cut green or new concrete. With these soft cut diamond blades you can reduce random cracks in new concrete during shrinkage, giving you a more polished final look. We have two different versions of these early entry diamond blades for sale – the 1000 series, which is purple, is best suited for same day cutting, while the red 3000 series is designed for next day cuts.

AusKut Green Concrete Diamond Blades in Canberra

As a concrete slab sets, shrinkage causes random cracks to appear in the most stressed areas. The best way to reduce random concrete shrinkage cracking, is by cutting a straight shallow line across the slab for the cracks to follow.

These early entry diamond blades can be used on early entry saws, such as the Husqvarna X150 Soff-Cut Saw, Hoppt HSCC150 Soft Concrete Cutter, and the Cardinal/Warrior early entry saws.

Two models for sale:

  • 1000 series (purple) is for same day cutting
  • 3000 series (red) is for next day cutting.

Item numbers: SC6P (purple, 1000); SC6R (red, 3000)

Product Type

SC6P- 1000, SC6R-3000