Eco Seal Exterior Concrete Floors – Eco Shield


Eco Seal Exterior Concrete Floors – Eco Shield

  • Eco Seal is an environmentally friendly water-based acrylic sealer for exterior applications designed to rejuvenate old and weathered concrete surfaces with a tough surface layer that seals and protects against eroding and dusting.
  • Eco Seal is UV stable and non-yellowing. It withstands extreme Australian weather conditions by maintaining great gloss retention, low water sensitivity and reduced water vapour permeability. It will also help to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Eco Seal is suitable for hard surface exterior applications as a water proof and dirt repelling sealer. It is a universal coating that is effective on virtually any surface including concrete, slate, ceramic and stone.
  • One coat will cover 8-12 square metres per litre.

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