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These handy electronic ear muffs from Tools That Last will protect your ears from loud noises (above 85 dB) while still allowing you to hear conversations and other sounds. So when you’re wearing the TTL electronic earmuffs you can keep working and interact with your surroundings while protecting yourself in case of any sudden crashes or other noises. These ear muffs are easy to use with a simple on / off knob, and will last you a long time with a battery life lasting over 200 hours!

Tools That Last – Electronic Ear Muffs for sale in Canberra

If you are not familiar with electronic ear muffs or shooters earmuffs, this is how they work.

Unlike standard safety ear muffs and ear plugs which block out all sound which can be inconvenient and even dangerous. Electronic ear muffs allow you to still hear what is going on around you while also protecting your hearing. They achieve this through internal microphones that pick up sound from outside and amplifier within the ear piece transferring the sound through the ear muffs to your ears.

But when the sound level reaches a dangerous level, the amplifier turns off, leaving the user with the hearing protection provided by the earmuffs – just like your standard non- electric ear muffs. Once the surrounding sound level goes back to a safe volumes, the amplifier turns back on.

Why should I use electronic ear muffs

Electronic Earmuffs protect you from loud noises such as loud machinery or gun fire. While wearing electronic ear muffs you can still hear low volume sounds such as conversations so they are really convenient when you are on the job site and have your hands full. You don’t have to keep taking your earmuffs off to interact with other tradesmen. Not only do electronic ear muffs protect your hearing, they can also prevent other injuries. It is essential for safety on a construction site to be able to hear what is going on around you. If someone calls out in emergency, or to warn you of a dangerous situation, you want to be able to hear what they are saying.

Specifications of these Electronic Ear Muffs

  • Noise cancelling – electronics reduce noises above 85 dB, protecting your hearing
  • Electronic design lets you still hear normal conversations, and other sounds up to 85 dB loud
  • Long lasting with over 200 hours of battery life
  • Easy to use with an auto adjust headband and a simple rotary on-off volume knob
  • LED indicator light
  • Solid state circuit
  • Rating 29db Class 5

Optional extras available. These use replacement Earmuff Pads EMPADS.

Item number: EM001

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