French / Engineers Chalk Pencil – 100 pack – Paragon


This engineers french chalk pencil is a perfect marking chalk for bricklayers, engineers, welders or general construction. So popular for its sharp lines, water resistance and ability to withstand heat and not burn off during cutting. It doesn’t crumble and copes well in the weather and it suitable for storing in the back of your ute.

French / Engineers Chalk Pencil 100 pack

French engineering chalk pencils come with many names. You might also know it as soapstone chalk, french chalk, pencil chalk, or welders chalk.

The reason why soapstone chalk is a popular bricklaying and engineers chalk is because it:

  • doesn’t snap or powder as easily as other chalks and is virtually dust free.
  • has a high heat resistance and remains visible when heat is applied. This has practical benefits to welders, engineers and general construction as it can be used to mark up materials for welding or cutting but will not burn at high cutting or welding temperatures.
  • leaves sharp white lines therefore producing a precise mark on materials
  • is water resistant, but is not permanent. It is easily removed, just rub it with water to wash it off.
  • copes well out in the weather – it is not going to dissolve in the back of your ute.

What is engineers chalk made of?

Engineers Chalk is made from natural Soapstone which is a soft rock made from the mineral talc used by seamstresses, carpenters, and other craftsmen for thousands of years. Soapstone, when formed into a piece of chalk, writes well on construction site materials like metal, bricks, stone, and slate.

Specifications of this Engineers Chalk Pencil

  • 100 piece box / 100pc
  • Chalk Size: 75mm x 10mm x 5mm.
  • Industrial quality
  • Precision marking
  • Heat resistant
  • Easily removed
  • Brand: Paragon®

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